Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let Me Introduce you to the Vowels!

We have officially introduced the entire alphabet! So, now we will dive a little deeper and learn that some letters are vowels and some letters are consonants. (RF.K.3)  We will also be specifically focusing on the vowel A this week.  

Here is a great video to watch at home..

After watching this video, you can use the letter cards in the homework folder to do a vowel/consonant sort.  I was so excited to hear the students using those big words ("vowel!" & "consonant!") today, when sorting magnetic letters!

We started by remembering that sorting means we put the same things together.  Initially, the students wanted to sort them by color. They even thought that a vowel was a vowel because it was red. I was so impressed by how quickly they applied the song above to this activity; remembering the vowels are a,e, i, o, and u. They also were able to tell me that a vowel has two sounds!

Another simple song you can sing with your student...

Thank you Mrs. Speights! You have a lovely singing voice!